Garth Eaton Author Beneath The Bench
                                Chairman The Australian Justice Tribunal

Garth Eaton      And here's a glimpse of his  eBook Beneath The Bench:

*   During the course of an extensive business career, a major part of
     Garth Eaton's personal charter was to develop Australian technology
     for an export market.

*   One of his primary companies was successful in attracting World Bank
     funding for the development of global technology.

*   This same company was also awarded our nation's highest possible
     Export Market Development Grant.

*   Armed personnel in central Europe were used to protect his life and recover his company's
     intellectual property.  This action was down-to-earth and very straightforward the action
     of any Australian under the same threats but not in the mind of a journalist who spun his
     own interpretation:

"In an episode straight from the pages of a spy novel, Eaton
    flew to Slovakia..."
- The Courier-Mail

*   Beneath The Bench is an almost unbelievable yet true story of conspiracies, miscarriages of
     justice, and the wilful falsification of the author's identity in the early 1970s; all of it
     underpinned by criminal activity within government agencies.

*   An intriguing story of murder, suicides and premature deaths and it's all real.

Legal Abuse  –  The life-long ramifications of a falsified identity.

But Garth Eaton's autobiography offers far more: will give readers access to countless thousands of dollars worth of key business information; information that has been extracted from some of the many businesses he once created and sold. So, how strong is your ENTREPRENEURIAL streak?

And now   The Australian Justice Tribunal (The AJT)

Throughout many years of personal exposure to a legal system that often fails to deliver Natural Justice, it has always been evident that the cost of receiving justice is prohibitive for many Australians. In some instances assets are mortgaged or sold, and the parties seeking justice run the risk of falling from the system, broken.

As Chairman of The Australian Justice Tribunal, I witness first hand the debilitating effects of denial of Natural Justice. The resultant financial ruin and hopelessness can extend to families being torn apart, suicides, illness and premature deaths. And this is not a dramatic portrayal of a severe endemic problem which has endured throughout the history of our nation; a problem that responsible Law firms have been addressing for years through the offering of pro bono (free) legal assistance.

But these Law firms can only work within the reasonable limits of their available resources; resources that need to include among other expenses the cost of staff who dedicate pro bono time to their financially exhausted clients. Regrettably, there is much more to be done, particularly within civil jurisdictions.

In response, it has become the role of The Australian Justice Tribunal (The AJT) to assist those Australians who qualify for our pro bono legal representation. explains further.

Thank you for your interest.

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Garth Eaton
Chairman The Australian Justice Tribunal



Justice Jeffrey Spender (Retired)


Alan Raymond Ducret (former ACCC Regional Director)