SUMMARY OF FEELINGS   (Would these be yours?)

Imagine, for just a few moments, that you have invested a quarter of a million dollars of your family savings into a mechanical carparking project which was, during the first four and a half years of development, plagued with violent intervention on the part of a fraudulent inventor. Nonetheless, you shared in the joy of winning World Bank funding for your European manufacturers and took pride in seeing the company you had invested in being awarded the highest export market development grant (EMDG) available in our nation.

You then derived a deep sense of achievement by working tirelessly to develop your franchise business in a designated international territory. But now for the past three years, you, along with many others, have been forced to endure a federal court battle based on the lies and deception of government officers as they move vigorously to support that fraudulent inventor. Fortunately, expert witnesses testify continuously in your company’s favour, giving you hope that life can continue as it should. You eagerly await the results of trial.

After ten agonizing months, enter Justice Spender. He slams all of you with his litany of vile fabricated reasons for his judgment which culminates in the world being told that your franchise marketing program is nothing more than a scam. And I say, “your”, because you, along with others, assisted in the development of that program.

If you have truly put your feet in the shoes of a franchisee or investor, there will be a gut-wrenching, sickening feeling that begins to overwhelm you. But brace yourself, the worst is yet to come. The judge has only issued the death warrant. The Order to kill is yet to be given.